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Listing Name Description  
Job Posting View Listings
Product Feature These are the smaller product feature highlights used on the product page. View Listings
Featured Product 3 Products to be displayed on home page View Listings
Client Logos Logos to be used throughout the site View Listings
Featured Client Featured client to be displayed on home page View Listings
Page Fragment These are small sections of text used throughout the website. View Listings
Client Project Project to display on customers page View Listings
Screen Shot Client screenshot to be displayed on customers page View Listings
Job Listing View Listings
Product (New) ONEsite Product Details View Listings
Product Primary Feature Primary Features Associated To A Product View Listings
Listed Product Details An item list of details to be associated to a product View Listings
Team Details of Departments at ONEsite (ex. Creative, Development, Operations, etc.) View Listings
Departments Orders the Team Listing View Listings
Tourlette View Listings
Partners Strategic agency and technology partnerships with ONEsite. View Listings
Product Feature Features associated with a product. (These features are used for the Product v4 asset.) View Listings
Product Benefit Benefits associated with a product. (These benefits are used for the Product v4 asset.) View Listings
Screenshots A group of up to five images (from the Tourlette Asset - Note the Title field can be used as alternative text) and a photo gallery identifier (Tour asset occurrence ID) if applicable. View Listings
Button This asset has fields for path, display text, and color for a button. View Listings
Product v4 ONEsite Product Details (version 4) View Listings
Product Group Feature Product Customized details of a Product as it relates to a Product Group. View Listings
Product Group Features Products to be associated to a Product Group View Listings
Product Group A bundle ONEsite products offered as client solutions. View Listings
Project ONEsite projects to be associated to clients. (These projects are used for the Client v2 asset.) View Listings
Client v2 Clients that have worked with ONEsite. View Listings
App Hero Hero on the hompage "The Backend for Mobile Apps" View Listings | Join | Legal | Be Safe | Help | Report Content