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Check out a few great sites launched on the ONEsite platform

Health Care

Caron Recovery Network

The Caron Recovery Network allows Caron to treat a wide variety of patients by using our customized community that gives patient access to their medical records, treatment documents, connections to counselors, and support groups.

Consumer Products


Thomasnet uses ONEsite's Single Sign On solution to simplify registration and logins to allow buyers to connect with qualified suppliers.


The MyWD40 community allows them announce contests and challenges, release general product news, and provide a place for their product enthusiasts to connect with each other via groups and forum discussions.



Beliefnet uses the SocialCore platform primarily to connect users via groups, called prayer circles, personal journals, and forum discussions.


Execunet is a private community focused on executive professionals seeking jobs, employees (recruiters), and those that simply wish to further their career.


Profnet Connect provides journalists and bloggers a platform to create content and show expertise, connect with their peers, keep up with industry news, and search for expert resources.


Education Management Corporation

The Campus Common is an extension of their curriculum where students can create and join academic organizations, connect with other students and faculty, post announcements & blogs, and participate in forum discussions.

Gaming and Betting

888Poker leverages the SocialCore platform to provide its users with betting news, premium blogs, forum discussions, leaderboard rankings, and more.


Betfair, the world's largest internet betting exchange, uses ONEsite to engage its users with polls, real time interactions, and extensive forums for betting discussions.


Capcom utilizes the SocialCore platform for Capcom-Unity, a news-centric site to make video game release announcements and enables gamers from all across the world to interact with each other.

New York Yankees

The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network uses My Yes Network for it's fans to post photos & videos, talk in forum discussions, join common interest groups, and participate in chat.

    Our solutions are behind the digital strategy for many of the world's largest brands and agencies.

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