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ONEsite offers a full-suite of products and services. We provide single sign-on with social integration to full enterprise hosting and integration with multiple CMS providers such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla as well as professional services for site build-out and management.

Single Sign On

Standards based registration and login with social integration available through Facebook, Twitter, Google and others. Minimize barrier to entry and drive user engagement.

  • Secure, standards based authentication
  • Social integration through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and more
  • Full statistics and suer reporting analytics
  • Minimize barrier to entry and drive engagement

Social Networking Software

The social platform of community tools that can expand and extend a site with features like forums, chat, comments, loyalty, profiles and ONEsite Live. Available through ready made pages, widgets and APIs.

  • Social Platform with community tools
  • Forums and Live Discussion
  • Chat
  • Comments
  • ONEsite Live - integrated forums, comments and chat
  • Loyalty and Gamification

Hosting Platform

Enterprise level scalable hosting platform. Create and manage WordPress, Drupal or other CMS sites as well as assets across all properties. Includes a full-suite of social network software community tools and control panel.

  • Enterprise hosting with dedicated virtual environments
  • Create multiple Drupal, WordPress or other CMS sites
  • Asset management across properties
  • Community Tools & Control Panel
  • Scalable for all traffic

Professional Services


Engage a professional service team with designers, developers, QA ad a project manager to handle the build-out and management of your project.


Content specialists moderate user generated content including video, photo, text, and audio for community websites, news sites, blogs, forums and social networking sites.

Support & Integration

Utilize our APIs, SDKs and other social widgets with any site. ONEsite specializes in building complex highly trafficked destination websites that combine social, editorial and commerce features. | Join | Legal | Be Safe | Help | Report Content