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ONEsite utilized a flexible, highly customizable platform that has proven itself with 15 years of operations and hundreds of complex implementations. ONEsite provides professional services and customer specific modifications to create unique business opportunities.

Key Features

  • Activity Feed

    Activity Feed

    Allows the display of a newsfeed of all activity by a user or across the entire network. Comment, share and like activity.

  • Calendars & Events

    Calendars & Events

    Personal and group calendar with ability to create events and gatherings for friends.

  • Friending & Following

    Friending & Following

    Members can create connections with other members or get one-way updates and status.

  • Status and Mood Updates

    Status and Mood Updates

    Keep friends and users filled in with status and mood updates.

  • Blog Posts

    Blog Posts

    WYSWYG editor with ability to insert media and management and privacy options.

  • Document Managment

    Document Management

    Upload and manage documents like Word, PDFs and images as downloadable by users.

  • Photo Galleries

    Photo Galleries

    Members can upload an unlimited number of photos to their site into any of their gallery or sub-galleries.

  • Videos


    Videos are converted and played through an HTML5 video player. Includes standard and widescreen videos.

  • Bookmarks


    Create lists of favorite content from the platform or hyperlinks to favorite sites and URLs.

  • Extensible Profiles

    Extensible Profiles

    Customized user profile fields. Extended categorization and grouping of users via user tier system.

  • Setup Wizard with Social Registration

    Setup Wizard with Social Registration

    CAPTCHA protected and COPPA compliant signup with custom fields and web services.

Advanced User Generated Content Creation and Interaction

  • Commenting

    Add threaded discussions, conversation following, media and tagging to any UGC content. Also available as a widget.

  • Rating & Tagging

    Allows users to quickly categorize, rank and share content on a network. Categorize content easily.

  • ONEsite Live! Chat

    Modern chat experience blended with integrated forums, comments plus archiving. Integrated as a widget or page.

  • Wiki

    Allow users to add, modify, or delete page content using a simple markup language or a rich-text editor.

  • Questions & Answers

    Provide an outlet to allow users and the network to ask and answer questions.

  • Loyalty, Rewards & Badges

    Network actions earn users points. Network created catalog allows users to spend points or achieve ranks.

  • Sharing

    Features for sharing and publishing to other social networks.

  • Private Messaging with Mailboxes

    Member can send messages to other users on site, manage actions, friendship requests and broadcasts.

  • Forums

    Add categories, sub-forums and threads. Includes social sharing features, rating and ability to discuss content.

  • Reviews

    Review, rate and comment on any content or product. Installable widget can be integrated easily on any content.

  • Polls, Surveys & Petitions

    Create custom widgetized polls with multiple voting and results options.

Moderation and Permissions

  • Age Content Gateways

    Filter and block your site or specific pages and areas of your based on age.

  • User Permissions through Tiers

    Define user roles and access levels to all settings within the Control Panel.

  • Spam and Profanity Filters

    Filter spam and profanity to minimize the amount of time needed moderating content.

  • Trigger Word Actions

    Use triggered actions to moderate user generated content automatically.

  • Pre-moderation of Content

    Take control of your site UGC content by reviewing prior to posting.

  • Flagged Content Moderation

    Keep offensive content out by letting your users self-moderate their content with a flagging system.

Moderation and Permissions

Content Creation and Layout Customization

  • Advertisement Module

    Integrate ad code such as adwords or double-click into your network.

  • Recommended Content

    Provide relevant recommendations for new content or users based on a users likes, interests and behavior.

  • Custom Templating

    Create custom templates and pages using smarty template editing tools.

  • Custom Menu Creation

    Define completely custom menus for your main navigation, footer or anywhere.

  • Mobile Layout Builders

    Build pages and layouts which are supported by the latest mobile phones and platforms.

  • Drag and Drop Layout System

    Highly customizable CSS-driven, drag and drop customization of core pages.

  • Asset Manager

    Create pre-defined templates for any type of content and dynamically display it.

  • Theming

    Add your own HTML and custom CSS any page or element for visual control.

  • Content Categorization

    Create content categories, for better search results and more accurate recomendations.

Advanced Integration and Social Account Linking

  • Social Status Updating

    Built-in features for sharing and publishing to facebook and twitter.

  • Twitter Feed

    Use the Twitter Feed module to display a twitter feed with real-time updating.

  • Single Sign On with Social Login

    Cross Domain SSO across multiple properties plus social login for easier user integration.


    Extend and develop new features using a powerful set of REST APIs from ONEsite.

  • Flickr Photo Module

    Automatically pull in and display content from Flickr into your media galleries

  • YouTube Integration

    Automatically pull in and display content from YouTube into your media galleries

Integration and Social Linking

Our Solutions Are Behind the Digital Strategy for Many of the World's Largest Brands and Agencies

    Caron Logo

    Caron uses ONEsite’s platform to treat patients by giving them access to medical records, treatment documents, connections to counselors, and support groups.

    Betfair Logo

    Betfair uses ONEsite’s web hosting platform to create rich user communities, forums, and live discussions.

    Chelsea FC Logo

    Chelsea’s official mobile app, the 5th Stand, uses our platform to drive real-time discussions around matches, team announcements, and local Supporter’s Clubs.

    New York Yankees Logo

    The YES Network of the New York Yankees drives conversations and engagement with their fans using ONEsite’s social platform.

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