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We take pride in being a technology company with a focus on creating compelling solutions.

The ONEsite platform is a robust and scalable enterprise software platform developed over a period of 7 years and leveraging 15 years of operational expertise in Internet software, services and datacenters. Our platform is continually updated with new feature enhancements and serves up billions of pageviews and API hits every month from our origin datacenters and Akamai edge servers.

At ONEsite we are firm believers in open source software and we use and contribute back to as many open source projects as possible. We have invested heavily in next generation technologies such as Apache Cassandra and Elastic Search in order to build next-generate data storage and search subsystems. Our engineers continue to enhance the platform with performance and user accessibility improvements and push the envelop in performance and accessibility.

Key to the ONEsite platform is our ability to create solutions that are accessible from any device and any platform. Our features are written so that they may be loaded as a web page, a widget embed, or an API call. By building our software with extensibility and interoperability in mind we are able to ensure that features are accessible in everything from mobile phones to Facebook applications.

Reliability, Scalability and Performance We are always building with the future in mind.


ONEsite is architected from the ground up for optimum performance and scalability. We have demonstrated our ability to handle incredibly large traffic spikes during media events such as live television broadcasts for #1 rated TV shows or from unpredictable events such as viral marketing campaigns. Our systems are engineered to handle both spikes in guest users and in users logged in and uploading large amounts of user generated content.

High Performance

Key to our high performance and scalability strategy is our multi-layered caching system and our robust next generation data storage systems. We utilize several layers of caching--starting with our partnership with Akamai to ensure that pages, media objects and APIs are delivered as quick as possible.

ONEsite builds custom high performance backend systems to power features such as our User Activity Feed, Recommended Content Streams or Asynchronous Job System. Our engineers are always working on ways to improve the platform.


ONEsite is proud of its continued reliable service. One of few companies that can boast a 99.9% uptime, customers of the ONEsite platform can be confident of the fact that their site will be accessible and uninterrupted whenever their community accesses it.

The operations team manages our two data centers and off-site backups for the entire ONEsite system, and they ensure all code, plugins, hosting and other applications run at peak efficiency. Utilizing tools like Pingdom, they are immediately alerted to any problems that might occur, giving them the ability to actively troubleshoot any problems that may arise and to ensure that the systems are up and running so that our clients can rest assured that their sites can be continously accessed.

Cloud Hosting

We own and operate our own datacenters at ONEsite but are also users of cloud hosting at providers such as Openstack and Amazon. With ONEsite you get the benefit of a SaaS platform that has proven its scalability as well as the ability to spin up new sites on dedicated servers or virtualized machines.

APIs & Extensibility

ONEsite features are available via full website experiences, widgets and APIs. Together these interfaces allow for quickly adding interactive features to existing websites or building advanced integrations or mobile experiences.

Open Standards

Our solutions use open standards and protocols wherever possible to allow users to easy interact with our features. oAuth and OpenID are available for integrating with 3rd party social networks such as Google or Twitter or for offering for your application being its own identity provider. Advanced SSO integrations utilize SAML flows to enable secure and sophisticated login flows for enterprise clients.

  • Cache

    Full-page caching to deliver content on demand to users.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Offsite redundancy with third-party cloud hosting.

  • Connection

    Connection pipeline geared to support millions of simultaneous visitors.

  • Data Centers

    Proprietary data centers to insure that equipment and connect meet our high standards.

  • High Availability

    Load balanced servers and services. Dual paths for all subsystems.

  • Redundancy

    Mirrored backups for emergency roll over to insure uninterrupted access.

  • Secure

    Protect your brand identity by relying on ONEsite's secure infrastructure.

  • Workload Balance

    Fast response by balancing workload and traffic across multiple servers. | Join | Legal | Be Safe | Help | Report Content